Monday, 26 October 2009

Yoda jacket

I finished knitting this for Poppy last night. It's going to be one of her Christmas presents.

I have a weakness for vareigated yarn, and I really like the self patterning wool I've used for this. I've got enough left to make a matching hat too.

I got the pattern from this blog and it was really easy. I like that it is a unisex design. I think the sizing would be just right for 6-12 months. My yarn was aran weight and I used 5mm needles so that it would knit a little bigger. My daughter is a small 16 month old, it fits now and I think it will fit for a while yet.


  1. What a lovely little jacket, looks like it will be very cosy for the winter.

  2. Really beautiful!! What yarn did you use? I am knitting a jumper for myself using Crofter Chunky and I love watching the new colours coming through, it's so clever!

  3. It was from poundstretcher - a giant 400g ball for a fiver. It is acrylic, but nice and soft.

  4. i really wish i had the patience to knit anything other than a small square.
    i didn't realise you blogged, beautiful photos & very crafty! i shall keep reading


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