Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cath Kidston bag

 Last Christmas my husband bought me a sewing machine, and a copy of Sew! by Cath Kidston. The book came with the fabric to make the bag on the cover.
After a year of procrastinating - I needed more practice, I didn't have the right colour thread, I was busy making something else... I finally did it last night!
It went pretty well, although I skipped the buttonholes on the strap and just stitched it to the bag. I put the buttons on as decoration only.
I am pretty pleased with it, the fabric is nice and spring-like - a little reminder that brighter weather is on its way.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Just one more thing...

The trouble with making stuff, is that just when you've decided you've made enough stuff, you have an urge to make some more stuff.
So, I made 7 little sweetie bags to be favours on our Christmas table.
I knitted a handbag for Poppy. 
I baked a boiled fruit cake.
And I made myself a large gin and tonic!

Happy Christmas everybody!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Pillowcase rescue; the mission continues...

I loved this lonely pillowcase when I saw it in the charity shop.
I just knew it could have a happy new life as a reusable carrier bag.
It folds up teeny weeny to sleep in the bottom of your handbag.
And I even made it a little pouch to keep it warm and snug ;)

(I am thinking setting up a pillowcase refuge in my sewing box, rehabilitating the prettiest and funkiest so that they can once again lead useful, appreciated lives!!)

Here is my tutorial  so you too can rescue a pillowcase.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Radiator dried oranges

I sliced a couple of oranges the other day, patted them dry with some kitchen roll and lay them over my radiators for 48 hours.
Why haven't I done this before? They came out great, lovely and crisp and orange!
I tied some around bunches of cinnamon sticks...
I hung some on the branches of the tree...
And the rest I scattered into my wooden bowl of pinecones.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Something slightly different...

I always wear a dress in December (we call it Dressember, you can find out more on facebook.)

So this is a dress inspired piece of applique, and the black fabric is made from one of my old dresses. I think this could be a lovely way of remembering favourite frocks. I'd like to say it was a self portrait but most of the time I'm not that glamorous!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pillowcase sack; handmade Thursday

This is really easy way to make a drawstring bag which is ideal for a Christmas sack.

I bought some red pillowcases, turned the top over and stitched it to make a channel for the drawstring - that's it!!

J for James; must do an A and a P next.
The applique was a little more difficult, but only because I had to be very careful not to sew the two sides of the bag together. I've chosen fabrics which are not specifically Christmassy so this bag can be useful all year round.

More handmade Thursdays at White Lily Green.