Friday, 23 December 2011

Just one more thing...

The trouble with making stuff, is that just when you've decided you've made enough stuff, you have an urge to make some more stuff.
So, I made 7 little sweetie bags to be favours on our Christmas table.
I knitted a handbag for Poppy. 
I baked a boiled fruit cake.
And I made myself a large gin and tonic!

Happy Christmas everybody!


  1. Lovely, I know what you mean about adding last minute gifts.

    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. That G&T looks mighty fine. You deserve it after all your hard work, Merry Christmas to you. x.

  3. Those are lovely, I especially love the sweetie bag favours. And the cake!! I hope you enjoyed that well-earned G&T too. One of my favourite drinks and it's been years since I had a snifter of it too!! Just so long as the tonic is room temperature and no ice for me please (dodgy sensitive teeth!).

    Have a wonderful, happy Christmas and look forward to seeing what things you make in the New Year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. A well deserved gin and tonic.

    Happy Christmas to you.


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