Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cath Kidston bag

 Last Christmas my husband bought me a sewing machine, and a copy of Sew! by Cath Kidston. The book came with the fabric to make the bag on the cover.
After a year of procrastinating - I needed more practice, I didn't have the right colour thread, I was busy making something else... I finally did it last night!
It went pretty well, although I skipped the buttonholes on the strap and just stitched it to the bag. I put the buttons on as decoration only.
I am pretty pleased with it, the fabric is nice and spring-like - a little reminder that brighter weather is on its way.


  1. I received the same gift for my birthday in June and sewed it pretty quickly. I didn't bother with the buttonholes for the strap either, same as you, sewing the strap to the bag and the buttons for trim. Did you line it? I added a lining because it felt a bit floppy, the lining was harder to do than the bag! Lots of use through summer though, it brightened up the greyer days and was admired often. CK bags were very much in with the schoolgirls around here through the autumn term ;)
    Lovely crafty new year wishes to you.

  2. I had this book two Christmases ago and still haven't made the bag and this Christmas my husband gave me CK's "Patch" so now I have two CK projects to complete. This is the year, definitely!

  3. I made this bag for my teenage daughter, she loved buttonholes for me either, I always find buttonholes a little scary.

    Best wishes for 2012 Shaz, let's hope it's filled with lots of thrifting and making.

  4. No, Becks, I didn't bother lining it because I did not have any suitable fabric - that would have been another excuse to put off starting!

    It was pretty easy Louise, I look forward to seeing yours!!

    Lily - I have done buttonholes before but I was afraid of potentially ruining the whole thing :)

  5. Another question :) - did you find the little rouleau button hoop easy? I think that was the one thing that had me wanting to chuck the bag through the window, I ended up cheating and inventing my own hoop!

  6. I tried to do the button hoop, couldn't turn the blasted thing the right way out so made a loop from some cotton tape instead!

  7. Now I am inspired to do my Cath Kidston 'Sew' bag and from the comments on this page I am reasured that it doesn't have to be perfect and I don't have to be scared! Thanks x

  8. I'm too scared to start too! I feel better knowing I can omit the buttonhole part :)

  9. ohh yes i too have the book but as of yet not made the bag x x ps lovely to see you have a blog too x x


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