Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Finished in the nick of time...

... because no one wants a new calendar once January has already started!

It's easy to think you have plenty of time in September, when you recklessly purchase a couple of blank calendars in Lidl.
"That will make a nice Christmas present for the grandparents," you say to yourself. "I can just stick a few photos in, and embellish them a bit."

Then you have to actually find twelve photos. Preferably not all of the same child. Preferably taken at appropriate times during the past year so you can have a summery photo on the June page, and a Christmassy photo in December.
And the kids are sick through most of December and not very photogenic as a result.

And then you have to print them out, and find suitable backing papers for each page.
And then it takes longer than you thought to glue them all in straight. (Or wonky as the mood takes you.)
And you haven't got the right embellishments in your vast box of things, so you decide simple, uncluttered pages would be nice.
But eventually, on 28th December, when the grandparents have all gone home after their Christmas visit, it is actually finished.

Just have to remember to take it to the Post Office tomorrow. And hope Royal Mail can get it there before February!


  1. Lol, maybe you could make the earliest known start on the next Christmas presents?
    Lovely calendars, I'm sure they will be loved.

  2. lol I know your pain although I did cheat slightly with ours and do them online :-)

  3. Great idea, and looks fab too.


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