Friday, 18 March 2011

Home Sweet Home; part 4 - the dining room

The dining room is home to the dining table. A very important point I think. Too many people eat their dinners in front of the telly, off trays on their laps. We eat around the table every tea-time.
It is also home to lots of books - and we have many more in the children's bedrooms and stored in the loft! I read somewhere that there are households which own more cars than books - surely that cannot be true?
We also keep our antiques in the dining room - some Clarice Cliff pottery, accessorised with some Star Wars lego...
And a Chinese tea set; an identical one recently featured on the Antiques Roadshow. Unfortunately it is practically worthless! They were brought back in their thousands during the war. (Mark's grandfather bought this one while serving in the Navy during the war; his granny hated it, hence the never used perfect condition.)
There are more family photos, old and new.
And this is my favourite spot - my little desk with my net book and my sewing machine. I am multi-skilled and can facebook and sew at the same time.
(How did that desk get so cluttered? I only tidied it the other day.)


  1. Hi there, the Star Wars lego made me chuckle, I have a 6 year old very much into Star Wars lego and it keeps cropping up all over the place.

  2. I think the desk looks pretty good! I love the pottery by the Star Wars figures. If flowers that big existed (in relation to the size of the Legos) they'd surely be from a galaxy far, far away!


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