Thursday, 14 July 2011

Handmade Thursday - 10 minute hair clip

Do you remember melting your bic pen over a bunsen burner in the science lab?
Then here is an opportunity to use those long forgotten skills!

To make this hair clip you need several circles of polyester fabric and a cigarette lighter (or a bunsen burner if you happen to have one - I'm guessing most people don't.)
You need to carefully melt the edges of the circles by holding them over the flame, this makes them turn up slightly. This is very satisfying.

Then you make a little pile of circles and sew a button through the middle to secure them. I also added a couple of circles of net fabric.

Then use a glue gun to secure a circle of felt and a kirby grip to the back.

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  1. It's really lovely!

  2. Very cute - and your hair looks in lovely condition!

  3. That's so pretty!! My LO would love one of these! Great idea!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Perfect! I like the idea very much...I'm already playing around with variations in my mind.

    Your little booties are adorable! They certainly will keep a lucky little one's feet snuggly warm.

    Enjoy the precious day,

  5. Ooh pretty, wish i had a little girl to make one for!

  6. Very pretty. Loving your blonde hair too!

  7. That's really cute! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. To be honest, I forget my aprons a lot, too--until I look down and realize I just wiped my hands on my shirt.


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