Monday, 22 August 2011

Another bed cushion...

... my husband is complaining there's no room for him on the bed!

This is my first proper attempt at patchwork. I'd like to say it was done by hand, but the reality is that I am far too idle to spend a zillion hours handsewing teeny stitches.
I read my sewing machine manual, and lo and behold! A patchwork setting :)

It's still pretty labour intensive though - alot of cutting, ironing, pinning not to mention sewing.

I like that it is made from leftovers though, very frugal! I would love to make a bedspread, but I'm not good at big projects which require ongoing commitment. 
(And my husband might demand separate bedrooms if the marital bed gets any more flowery!!)


  1. Patchwork setting? I'll have to check my machine too!

    Looks lovely.

  2. Very lovely. Our bedroom is a haven of floralness during the summer which John doesn't mind, but it switches to deep masculine reds with a floral hint trough the winter. Might make the summer stretch out longer this year though ;)
    I didn't know there was such a thing as a patchwork setting. My first attempt at patchwork was also by machine, same reason as you lol.
    Lovely to see more crafty goodness from you again.

  3. Lovely!

    Hehehehe,and think that lovely bed ALL to yourself.... oooh bliss. ;-)

  4. Kick him out, I say, can always cuddle up to your beautiful patchwork cushion.

  5. I like that cushion! I am in the process of making a patchwork quilt bedspread, first I have even done, I should have tried something smaller like this first!


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