Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pirate Party bags

My son, Anthony, has decided he wants a pirate party for his 7th birthday, so I have made a bunch of little drawstring bags for his friends to take home.
I hate those little plastic bags of crap which kids bring home from parties. I spend half my life trying to evict plastic whistles from the house, standing on plastic flippy frogs in bare feet, finding stray marbles down the back of the sofa. Even though we have received numerous novelty erasers over the years nobody can ever find a blasted rubber.

I have also been reading The Moneyless Man which has inspired me to cut down on throwaway goods. I figure at least these little fabric bags might be slightly useful, more so than a little plastic bag.

I shall be filling them with pirate treasure, aka chocolate coins and sweets!
Because the only thing my children are ever really want from a party bag is something edible and not remotely healthy.
Pirates have terrible teeth.


  1. Simply BRILLIANT....Nathan has just asked me if you make Ben10 party bags?

  2. If I could get Ben10 fabric then I could! Unfortunately a quick ebay search was not successful :(

  3. Those are brilliant and I agree, edible party treats are the most popular here too!! xxxx

  4. Lovely bags, and much nicer than the plastic ones, as you say.


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