Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yoyos - why have I never made these before??

I decided to join in with Jubilee fever and made some little hairclips - just a little fabric yoyo, a button and some ribbon.
Yoyos are so cute and they take about 1 minute to make! Just cut a circle of fabric, make a quick hem all around with running stitch and pull the thread gather it into a little puff!
So I made myself a little brooch, this time with two yoyos and a heart button.
Apparently in the 1950's it was very fashionable to sew hundreds of yoyos together and make a bedspread.
I think I'll just stick to hairclips and brooches though!


  1. What a great quick make, I know four little girls who'd love some new pretty patriotic hairclips. x

  2. These are great little girl presents, and quick too. I made my first yoyos this year too.


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