Monday, 11 January 2010

This was supposed to be a handbag...

I bought some wool for a bargain price on ebay, and the plan was to make a bag.
So I started knitting a rectangle.
And the wool was so yummy and soft I thought it was a shame I wasn't knitting something to wear.
So I made the rectangle a bit longer, did a little bit of decreasing for the armholes, knitted a bit more and had the back of a waistcoat.
Then I knitted two fronts to make a wrapover, added 2 i-cords to the inside and sewed a button on the outside front. I actually had forgotten to knit a buttonhole, but the button just pushed through the knitting.
Considering I had no pattern and made it up as I went along I think it's turned out ok. I think I could have knitted it a little bit longer, but I only had three balls of wool.

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  1. That's really clever! I've often started knitting things and then changed my mind, but I wouldn't have a clue how to turn them into other things. I love the colour too.


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