Monday, 1 November 2010

Mama made Monday - going slightly (crochet) mad

My poor knitting needles have been neglected.
I can officially crochet.
Okay, so I seem to mostly crochet round things, but it's still crochet.
Here is my bear hat, which came out rather large - toddler size rather than baby, then I made the chicken. I know it's not Easter but I like chickens.
Finally I made the little earflap hat for a friend's baby. It is his baptism on Sunday, so I'm going to give it as a gift. Hope he and his mum like it; it's always rather nerve wracking when presenting a handmade gift.


  1. Wonderful things. I love the colour of the ear flap hat, and it all looks so neat too, I'm sure it will go down well as a gift.

    Another skill mastered!

  2. Well done, they look great xx


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