Monday, 4 April 2011

Sod the housework; I'm sewing!

 Today I made myself a summer skirt from some cotton I bought at Birmingham Rag Market. I didn't follow a pattern but it's turned out quite well. I might shorten it a bit more; it's hard to tell when you're trying something on with socks and boots instead of little flippy flops!

 And the shops are full of patriotism, ready for the Royal Wedding at the end of the month, so I decided to try and make a Union Jack applique.
I used some scrap fabric (some old curtain samples) and cut it with my pinking shears to save too much hemming and wundawebbing.
And I sewed the finished panel onto a bag.
The cream cotton is from a pillowcase I bought in a charity shop, and it's lined with one of my husband's old work shirts, so there's some upcycling for you too!!


  1. Lovely, the skirt looks great, well and the bag too! I agree about the housework ;)

  2. Lovely skirt. And how patriotic of you!
    With you on the housework too, very little done here today either :)

  3. Brilliant bag - very inspired! Looking forward to seeing the skirt modelled as part of 'Frocking Fridays' :) x

  4. Gorgeous makes, I have just worked out how to thread a sewing machine so hopefully will get to have fun with it soon :-)


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