Sunday, 17 April 2011

A summer top

 I've made this cotton top on my sewing machine, without the aid of a pattern, I think it's come out brilliantly!
 I used an existing top as a size guide, but this top is basically made of rectangles - a large one for the back, and 5 panels for the front. It is slightly shaped around the armholes, and it's slightly a-line overall.
I'm not sure about this steppy neckline so I might turn the corners under to make a curvier edge.


  1. Love it, and love the fabric.

  2. The fabric is lovely, and of course the top is too. It really suits you as well.

  3. You'll have to start doing commissions, you've got a real talent there.

  4. It's really cute! I like the steppy neckline--it's different-looking and makes the pattern even more your own!


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