Thursday, 16 June 2011

Handmade Thursday - a summer skirt for me

I started this skirt about 2 weeks ago, but only finished it this morning because my sewing machine had to be evicted from the dining room while the extension was built. (Lovely extension now finished - see background!!)
The cotton fabric is from Ikea - it's about £6 for 3m in the children's furnishing section.
The skirt is made from 4 A-line panels, and the stripes were really helpful when trying to sew straight.
There is a zip at the back.
There are some pleats at the top, which weren't planned. It would appear I am thinner than I thought!!
Actually I think it was because I discovered my overlocking function, and this meant I didn't need such a generous seam allowance.
Get me, I sound almost technical! Just 6 months ago when I received my machine for Christmas it took me nearly 2 hours to thread the needle!

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  1. Looks lovely, hope we have some nice weather so you can wear it!! I would love to be able to make clothes, my sewing machine hates me you see, so I only use it when I'm feeling very brave! :)

  2. Aren't you clever! What a lovely pattern and colourway for summer. I'd never dare attempt clothing, but you'd done a fab job.

    Ikea do sell lovely prints don't they x

    Missie Lizzie Me and My Shadow

  3. Ohh that is ace!! I am hoping to get a sewing machine this year... I'd love to be able to create things like this!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. Really good job - very professional. You need to accessorize with a rocket lolly (if we ever get any more sun)


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