Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm so super-duper absolutely smashingly pleased with my new apron!

It all began when I borrowed this book from the library. I borrow alot of craft books from the library; it's like porn for hopeless craft addicts!!

But I actually decided I really, really wanted an apron like this. It's really a tabard, but tabard is a very uncute, non-sexy sort of word isn't it?

I had this cupcake fabric which I bought from ebay on a whim. What could be cuter than a cupcake apron to colour co-ordinate with my pink kitchen? I had to wait two whole days for some bias binding to arrive by snail mail - because I was too busy / idle to go to the haberdashery.

But - ta-dah! Here it is. I'm so happy, it's my current favourite thing. I really want to bake a cake, but it's nearly time for the school run.

I always wear stilettoes in the kitchen you know... ;)


  1. look at you in your new apron, I really must get my arse into gear and get sewing!

  2. Love the apron, that book looks great. You look great modelling it!

  3. Modelling the apron, not the book, doh!

  4. Lookin' good! I admire anyone who can walk in heels, let alone bake cakes in them, LOL!
    (Now I have to see if I can find that book, too. You are right--they are addictive!)


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