Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I love upcycling!

Making stuff for free is one of my favourite things!
Add my new found passion for patchwork and the upcycling possibilities are endless...

The idea for these trousers came from these patchwork shorts.
I cut out loads of 10cm squares from old t-shirts - ones with stains, holes etc. I just used the good parts!!
Then I used the overlocking stitch on my sewing machine to make 2 pieces of fabric. I drew around a pair of pyjama bottoms to get the pattern.

Why did nobody tell me making trousers was so easy? 
Just 2 pieces, 3 seams and a channel for some elastic :)

Poppy loves them; I only asked her to try them on and she won't take them back off!
(And I like them; they remind me of a pair I had when I was a student.)


  1. Excellent, and very funky!

    I may have to ask you for some lessons in sewing machines, you seem to be able to get far more out of yours than I ever do out of mine. ;)

  2. These are fantastic! Very cute model too. :)

    I'm planning to make a patchwork blanket for the baby out of old t-shirts - interesting to hear you used the overlock stitch on your machine - I haven't tried mine yet - must investigate!

  3. Love love love these trousers. You're so inventive.

  4. I really love these, what a good idea to use up scrap fabric!!

  5. What a fab idea!!!! Poppy looks great!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. They're fab. I love patchwork :)


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