Thursday, 8 September 2011

Patchwork bedspread - a big ta-dah for my 200th post!

 It's the biggest thing I've ever made, and I am very pleased with myself.

I bought the fabric on ebay - 4 metres of flowery polycotton at £3.50 a metre. (From this shop if you're interested.)

I cut each metre into 16 pieces and ironed them into lovely 24cm square pieces.
(That took a long time...)

Patchwork would usually be much smaller squares but I was being completely realistic about both my sewing skills and my concentration span.

Highly detailed plan ;)

After much sewing I eventually had a very large square made up of 64 flowery squares.

There is a slight mistake in the pattern, but there are no prizes for finding where it is. (And while we're on the subject of imperfections we aren't mentioning any slightly wonky bits in this project, thank you.)
Wadded with polyester and backed with a king size flat sheet.

And here it is on my bed; it is making me very happy!

And it's also Handmade Thursday; more of that at White Lily Green.


  1. Hey, well done you, it looks great!! Timed just right too with the weather getting colder. I love our bedspread, but I cheated and bought mine!

  2. Oh wow!!!!! It's amazing!! What a pretty bed!

    Thank you for linking up! :D

  3. Fantastic....Beautiful.....Amazing x

  4. That is wonderful, one day I will make something like that, I am ordering a sewing machine tomorrow yey!

  5. Amazing bargain on the fabric - I'm going to check that store out!

    It looks amazing. I have a stash for a patchwork for little 'uns bed, not sure I'd be brave enough to tackle a full size double bed.


  6. That does make it seem more achievable going for the larger squares. Really love it :0)

  7. that's beautiful and a job well done xxx

  8. oh i think its lovely and i think i might make one for my bed, and i think the large sqares are a good idea. well done and thx for a great idea


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