Friday, 7 October 2011

Finally finished some knitting..

... a little top for Poppy. 
Of course, she wouldn't put it on for a photo.
(In fact the little madam is very particular about only ever wearing leggings, and a t-shirt at the moment.
Accessorised with legwarmers and a woolly hat.)

You might think it's a rather summery knit for October, but I think it will look cute with a plain long sleeve t-shirt underneath.
(If she ever agrees to put it on.)

The yarn is Sirdar baby bamboo, colourway "Poppy" - which is why I bought it in the first place!
The pattern is a Sirdar pattern, number 1830, which I already made before when Poppy was a baby. I was rather lazy this time around and didn't bother with the lacy pattern on the top part. I think it looks fine without it.


  1. I think the top looks even better without the lace top :) Really shows the colur and stitch definition well and accentuates the lovely bottom lace trim. I think you're right too - it will look lovely with a plain T underneath.

  2. Love the colour. It will look great worn as you described, nice and cosy and pretty.


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