Saturday, 19 November 2011

Advent bunting

I've had this idea in my head for ages - I'm not saying it's all my own idea, I'm sure it's been done before! 
I bought a metre of Christmas fabric and made 24 pockets (roughly 5 inches square) and stitched them at regular intervals along a length of bias binding.

The numbers are hand embroidered onto felt - oh, how I hate hand sewing!

And now it's strung around the hallway, ready to be filled with treats!


  1. Lovely bunting. Have you been peeping inside my ideas? Do you have plans for what to put in the pockets yet?

  2. It must be great minds thinking alike ;)
    There will be sweeties in the pockets, and if I have time I am hoping to make some little cards with a daily festive challenge or suggestion :)

  3. Love the bunting, such a great idea and a lovely decoration to bring out every year.

  4. Lovely, I have a pocket Santa hanging one, but always plan to make a more bunting style one but haven't done it yet - maybe one of these years I will.

    Similarly I fill with a choc treat and a note of something to do or somewhere to go - popping it in the night before so I can be sure we can achieve it x

    Lovely xxx


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