Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fabric upcycling

Now I love a beautiful fabric shop with lovely rolls of brand new fabric as much as the next woman, but I think I love upcycled fabrics even more. I love the rummaging, the searching, the bargain hunting!
In fact this whole post has been inspired by a recent charity shop fest where I purchased this absolutely fabulous, vintage (St Michael) king size duvet cover. 4 metres of extra wide fabric for £2; I was completely chuffed!
I'm also a big fan of vintage pillowcases; my favourite charity shops sell odd pillowcases for around 50p; not bad for about half a metre of fabric.
School dress; lots of lovely gingham!
And of course there are clothes! I have cut up lots of our old clothes; children's clothes are especially good as they often have smaller prints which look good on small scale projects such as applique. If you are a sentimental person (not me actually!) this can be a way of preserving memories of favourite clothes by re-using the fabrics to make something else. (And another great thing about cutting up clothes is that they usually come with free buttons!!)

Ladies cotton blouses
Little girl clothes
Men's shirts; sensible and lairy!
Have you made anything from upcycled fabric lately?


  1. I keep an eye on our charity shops for knitting yarn, but sadly they don't seem to keep it much lately. I love your fabrics, they are really good finds!

  2. Most of my fabrics are old clothes or linens, I love working that way as it's so much cheaper and of course greener. Currently making fabric corsages/brooches with mostly upcycled fabrics, button and beads. I visited 2 jumble sales recently and got some real bargains.

  3. Fantastic fabric haul there Shaz, I think I need to pay a vist to your local CS, we seem to be in a CS slump here at the moment, although I did pick up a gorgeous floral double bed sheet not too long ago for £2.00, not sure what to do with it yet though. x

  4. I think you and I use the same charity shop. And I do believe that not more than a couple of weeks ago I dropped off a little girls blue and khaki floral top which is featured above. I'd bought it from there a few weeks before, for E, not realising it was WAY to small, so re-donated in my next bagful of stuff. :)


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