Thursday, 15 March 2012

Easter Giveaway!!

 Would you like to win these Easter goodies?
You would?
There's an Easter card with a padded bunny motif...
There's a cotton treat bag - filled with chococolate ...
There's an emergency chocolate pocket - including chocolate of course...
And there's a very ugly, boggle eyed chicken.
But she does have a chocolate egg up her bum, so that's good.
(Her name is Ethel.)

So, what do you have to do to be a winner??
  • You could leave a comment on this blog post and I will put your name in the proverbial hat.
  • If you are a new follower to this blog you will get an extra entry. (Make sure you tell me in your comment.)
  • You could like me on Facebook - all new likers from today will be in with a chance.
  • If you visit my facebook page you will also be able to get more entries by sharing and commenting there.
(Disclaimer; all these items have been made by me, they are not toys and should not be given to children without supervision - they might choke on a little bead or scoff all the chocolate.)

The giveaway closes on the 26th March so that I can get the goodies posted by Easter.
(And if you live locally I will also give you 6 lovely free range eggs from my chickens!)

Linking up with handmade Thursday at White Lily Green.


  1. Love them! Especially ethel!

  2. Really cute makes and lovely giveaway, im already a follower of your blog x

  3. I am desperate for Easter as I've given up chocolate for Lent (and alcohol. Am going insane!)

    Ethel is fabulous!

    I will pop over and give your Facebook page a like from my page.

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  4. Great giveaway, and great disclaimer, chocolate is very dangerous for children! I'll go spread the news on Facebook.

  5. Fab give-away, and ethel is gorgeous xx

  6. new liker to your blog seen you on supermums craft fair, love your items

    Kayleigh x

  7. Go Ethel!!!! The Ugly Betty of the chicken world. She is subtley beautiful! x

  8. The hat whence the winner's name will be drawn - did you make that yourself too?

  9. Lovely prizes! Thanks so much for linking up to my blog party.

  10. Hi, I'm a new follower! Just added you to my Blog list, can't wait to see all the lovely things you make! These Easter goodies are gorgeous! :-) xxx

  11. Lovely prizes. Your blog inspires me.xx

  12. Ethel is actually kind of cute... but looks too young and downy to be laying eggs.


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