Sunday, 28 March 2010

Making stuff last!

Here is my eldest son James wearing his smart red dungarees back in 2005.
And here is Poppy five years later in the same fantastic dungarees.
(They had an airing in 2007 when Anthony wore them but I can't find a photo.)

It's made me think how I love hand me downs!


  1. Oh I LOVE hand me downs. Most of the things the children wear are handed down to the next one and a lot of the clothes were second hand to start with too! The only drawback is, come the time that the item of clothing is too raggy or stained or too small for the smallest child, I'm too sentimentally attached to throw it away!!

  2. I love hand me downs too - all 3 of my bubs wore the same first sleepsuit when they were born. And those dungies are fab!

  3. oh how i love hand me downs too. I think little sweetpea probably only has 1 or 2 items of new clothing as we get so many hand me downs from friends. What a fab way to recycle and the clothes always look new anyway. I then hand them down to other friends so some kiddies at school are pottering about in clothes that have been worn by several of the older children :-)


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