Thursday, 1 July 2010

My 100th post ... and I've won an award!!

Thanks Roof at Roof's Greenerlets!!
I am very honoured, and it's made me think why I started this blog.

I suppose really it's a way of showing off.
I've always had some show-off tendencies, and you won't find me blogging about collapsed cakes, burnt biscuits or knackered knitting! I only show you the good stuff!

I read lots of other blogs and admire those of you who are able to share your innermost thoughts, your worries, your disasters as well as your triumphs. Perhaps I need to develop a more serious streak... except streaking just reminds me of those late nights in college, more than slighly drunk, when streaking was a happy pastime!

But now to pass on the award to some blogs I like to read.

Scented Sweetpeas who writes lovely words with lovely pictures, sharing lots of lovely ideas.
My Handmade Haven who I know has lots of nominations for such awards but I love to see the stuff Shell makes.
And also to
Pippa who is very good at the the sharing, emotional stuff as well as crafting!

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  1. aahh thank so much! I always read you blog but didn't know you read mine, glad you like it :-) Thanks for the award, it is really lovely of you.


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