Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wedding Invitations; first prototypes

A friend has asked me to make her some wedding invitations, which is very exciting, but rather a big responsibility!
This is the first design I've tried - just made with coloured paper and card and some ribbon.
Then I made this one; I like the colours and I also like the complete simplicity.
Then something a bit fancier. I made this with a cupcake stamp, hand painted. The colours aren't quite right - the card is chocolate, and the ribbon needs to be more pink.

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  1. How lovely to be asked x
    I love the middle 0ne - the simplicity as you say yourself.
    We made our own menu cards, order of service thingys for our wedding and were complimented on them - it was fun to design them - we adapted the style of our invites which we bought as they were so lovely.

    Have fun creating!


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