Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hat with floppy bobble

Here is the hat I've knitted to go with the yoda jacket I've knitted for Poppy.
It's aran weight yarn on 5mm needles.
I started with 50 stitches and did 6 rows of moss stitch, then stocking stitch until it was about 14cm long.
Then I decreased by knitting 2 together every few stitches - can't remember exactly, but I decreased on each knit row for a few rows until there were 9 stitches left. Then I threaded the yarn through those stitches and pulled it up tight before tying. It was crying out for a fluffy, floppy bobble.

This is a Christmas present, but I was worried it wouldn't fit, so I just let Poppy try it on for size.
I still have loads of wool left, so I've started a scarf now!


  1. That's a lovely hat and looks gorgeous on your little one!! I love the colours in it! I must do more knitting, I keep being side-tracked by other things. I've done the back of my jumper and am stalling because it seems such a mamouth project, but it won't knit itself will it!


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