Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Granny square to Granny stripes...

A while ago now I decided to learn to crochet, and embarked on some granny stitch.
Well, I've decided it's finished. (ie. I don't want to do anymore.)
It's not very big, but I shall give it to Poppy for her dolly.

A few online friends have mentioned granny stripes, so I googled it and found Attic24.
I made a practise piece as suggested,
which came out pretty well.

And so, in a fit of optimism and confidence I made a foundation chain of 120 stitches (about single bed size) and began my very own granny stripe blanket!
It's only two stripes long at the moment, but I can't put it down; it's fab!!


  1. Attic 24 is a fab site. Your blanket looks very cool.

  2. Lovely. I can do basic crochet now after learning about a year ago, but still can't follow patterns that I want to try. Mind I have that many other things I'm doing or want to do, I don't really spend much time trying.

    Loving the granny stripes, saw it on Attic24 and thought it looked lovely - one day maybe ...


  3. Another Attic24 follower and in awe of her granny stripe blanket. Yours is looking great in it's tininess but I'm sure it will grow quickly as you are enjoying it so.
    Crochet demands far too much "seeing" for me, as opposed to being able to "feel" knitting lol.


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