Monday, 6 September 2010

Mama made Monday - slouchy hat

I have been productive this week!
This is knitted from some leftover self patterning aran procured from my mum's house.

I used 5mm needles, and cast on 60 stitches.
(It's quite roomy for my 2 year old dd so I could have got away with perhaps 55 stitches.)
The first 6 rows were 2x2 rib, then I switched to stocking stitch for 2 rows.

Then continuing in stocking stitch I increased on the knit rows as follows.
K2 (Kfb, K4 - repeat) K3 (72 stitches)
K3 (Kfb, K4 - repeat) K3 (86 stitches)
K3 (Kfb, K4 - repeat) K2 (103 stitches)

Then I carried on in stocking stitch until the knitting was 7cm long (not including the rib.)

Then more stocking stitch and decreased on knit rows as follows.
K3 (K2tog, K4 - repeat) K3
K3 (K2tog, K4 - repeat) K3
K2 (K2tog, K4 - repeat) K2 (back to 60 stitches)
K2 (K2tog, K4 - repeat) K2 (50 stitches)
K3 (K2tog, K4 - repeat) K3 (42 stitches)
K3 (K2tog, K3 - repeat) K2tog, K2 (34 stitches)
K2 (K2tog, K2 - repeat) (26 stitches)
K2 (K2tog, K2 - repeat) (20 stitches)
K2tog, repeat to end (10 stitches)
K2 tog, repeat to end (5 Stitches)

I cast off by pulling the yarn through the last five stitches and pulling tight, then sewed a seam down the back.

Poppy seems quite fond of it, wearing it for a very important game of fairy skittles.


  1. Wow - knitting is a whole other language! The hat looks lovely though - great style and pretty colours xx

  2. I like the pattern that the wool has produced, lovely hat too x


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