Sunday, 5 February 2012

Book Review; 1000 things to make and do

The very lovely Book People sent me this beautiful arty children's book to review. It is Usborne's 1000 things to make and do which is aimed at children aged 5 and over. 

The book is filled with creative ideas, mostly things to draw, ideas for collage, cutting, doodling and painting. I was impressed with the range of ideas to suit older children as well as little ones. All the pages are full colour and the book is ring bound so it stays open on the table.
How to draw a jungle scene in silhouette.
There are also ideas to suit both boys and girls, and plenty of seasonal pages which would be great for both home educators and primary school teachers.
Thumbprint snowmen.
I think the illustrations are great, showing a variety of colours and styles.
How to make a collaged doodle page.
I roped in my son Anthony to test one of the ideas; he chose collage robots which involved cutting out pictures from magazines and also sticking on things like safety pins.
Greenhouse feet!
And I also used one of the pages for inspiration and made this card by cutting out rough circles and sewing a button on top.

I really like this book, and can see myself using it both for myself and for the children. It would make a lovely present for a creative child and offers great value for money.

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