Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's mine, all mine!

(Sometimes you make something, which is supposed to be for someone else, and you are quite pleased you went a little bit wobbly around the edges, because you really want to keep it for yourself.)

I had a custom request for a make up bag, so I made this.
I love the cherry fabric. It has a layer of polyester wadding (my new favourite thing!!) to give the bag some structure, and the spotty lining is upcycled from an old dress of Poppy's.
Why am I so afraid of zips? (And buttonholes - perhaps I have developing a fastening-phobia.) They always turn out fine when I pluck up the courage to put one in.

Anyway, I'm keeping this, and I promise to make a better one for my customer :)


  1. Very nice - no wonder you are keeping it :-)

  2. Looks lovely. Just treat it like a prototype, I like prototypes! ;)

  3. Very cute - I can see why you want to keep it!
    I have this problem too... just might keep this one, and that one, oooh and that one....
    Zips, buttonholes and I - we have issues to sort out too!


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