Saturday, 4 February 2012

Loving my new bag

It's the bestest bag ever!
My sister bought me some packs of small fabric pieces for my birthday. I've done a little bit of patchwork but I'm definitely no expert.
I chose 12 of the fabrics, and cut out 2 squares from each - 12 squares for each side.
And I stitched them together - remembering to reverse the pattern so that nothing was upside down. I felt very clever for thinking of that!
I decided to put a layer of wadding and used some turquoise fabric for the other side. 
So this project became my first attempt at proper quilting. It was rather awkward doing the middle stitching - not sure how you'd manage on a piece much bigger.
Here's the inside; I made the trim and handles from some old jeans. This is why the handles are quite short - I have pretty short legs!!
And I even made a tab with a buttonhole. I still have a completely ungrounded fear of buttonholing and avoid them wherever possible.
So, there it is - my new bag, it's not perfect but it's mine, and I made it all by myself without a pattern or even a proper plan.
Ready to be filled with sweet wrappers, old raisins, a biro which doesn't work, old receipts and an odd glove...


  1. It really is a fabulous bag, and totally hearing you regarding what will be lurking at he bottom if it in no time at all!


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