Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mother's Day cards

With Valentine's Day done and dusted, it's time to start making cards for Mother's Day!
These are the two designs I've come up with; machine appliqued letters on upcycled pink linen, stiched onto the green check paper.
Here's the large one with "Mom" which is very popular with the Brummies around this neck of the woods. I have also had a request for "Mam" which is the Welsh equivalent.

If you'd like a mum, mom or mam card you can visit my facebook page or just contact me here :)
The large ones are A5 and cost £3.50, the small ones are A6 and cost £2.50.
(Postage is £1.)

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  1. Oh these are beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Beautiful cards ive never thought to use material on cards such a fab idea!

  3. Gorgeous, I'm itching to have a go at machine embroidery and got a foot for my sewing machine for Christmas, will have to have a go at something like this! :)


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