Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Colouring in; it's not child's play.

Last week, after much deliberation, I spent £16 on some posh felt tip pens - letraset promarkers (set 1) which are blendable permanent markers, much loved within the cardmaking community.

Of course I always expect to be brilliant at everything.
But this colouring in lark is hard!

I bought this digi stamp from digi-stamp boutique and printed some out. I was completely convinced that I was about to produce something amazing.

Hmm... not great... and these are two of my better attempts. 
But I do not give up easily.
Especially when I have spent £16.

So I tried again, and managed to colour in something worthy of making into a card.

And I have realised why I am having problems.
The pens are the wrong colours.
I obviously need the second set of paler colours as well.

Spending £32 in one week on colouring pens is not at all excessive.
Is it?

To be continued...


  1. ha ha - they are lovely really. Go for it. You know you want to! xx

  2. They are a great tool once you get used to them, and if you're lucky you can get 'seasonal' ones in smaller packs on discount in Hobbycraft! x

  3. Lovely card!
    I love promarkers and now have a nice collection of colours that i add to now and again, i tend to buy mine as singles from craft obsessions that way i can choose the exact colours i want :)

  4. No more excessive than spending it on 2 decent skeins of yarn, or a length of beautiful fabric, or (according to DH) a 25cm socket spanner (or something like that???). Go for it, if you love em, it's worth it.

  5. for a first attempt I think you have done pretty good your card is lovely , I was the same when I first started and you do need a range of colours ie 2 shades of each colour at least,it just takes time to build them up, Joanna Sheen sells them individually at £1.79 and its free postage if over £5, for tips on shades that go together, watch tutorials, that way you will know what colours to buy , I am still learning and have had just over a year K x

  6. hi , you asked if I had coloured a bear on my blog with promarkers, had coloured the brown part with prismas and the rest with the promarkers , hope this helps K x


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