Friday, 20 April 2012

More colouring in...

So now I have £40 worth of posh pens... and the colouring is going better!
I managed some blending on this image (a free digi stamp from Bird's Cards.)
And I've just made this pretty pink ballerina card with a digi stamp I bought at DigiStamp Boutique.
It was my first time trying to get skin colour and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

So, all in all, I am slowly becoming obsessed with felt tip pens. I'm constantly thinking about what to colour next and making an even worse job of the housework than usual so I have time to mess about with my pens! 


  1. Looks really good. Who knew that there was so much more to colouring in that making sure you didn't go over the lines?

  2. Wow, those look so professional!! No wonder you are ditching housework in favour of your new pens!! I've been using that excuse for years (even with a desk of crappy old biros!! hahahaha). xxxx

  3. Hi Sharon, your colouring is fantastic - you should be really proud. I love the shading on the flowers!
    I also regularly ditch the housework due to crafting/colouring images - but that really is ok (well I think so anyway lol!).
    Glad you've joined the world of obsessed promarker lover!! Thanks for following my blog - I have now returned the favour :) Hugs, Denise x


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