Thursday, 5 April 2012

Curtains - the least fun sewing project ever.

"Oh, yes, I shall make some curtains," I said to myself. "They are basically just rectangles. How hard can it be?"

Really, very bloody hard actually.
There are all these conventions you are supposed to follow to make a pair of curtains.

The fabric should be at least twice as wide as your window, and ideally be long enough to drop below the windowsill.
That is a really ginormous piece of fabric.
There should be a left curtain and a right curtain.
That is 2 really ginormous pieces of fabric.
They should have linings.
That is 4 really ginormous pieces of fabric.
Patterns should match when you sew the pieces together.
The pattern on curtain one, should line up with curtain two.

I am too creative to be bound by these rules and regulations. Sewing curtains is too dull for my artistic mind.
So my curtains are slightly wonky, in an artistically endearing sort of way.

And I will NEVER let the concept of making my own curtains ever enter my creative mind again.


  1. So no custom made curtains going up on your Etsy shop? Perhaps the way forward is to buy ready made curtains and then let your artistic flair loose ;)

  2. They look absolutely beautiful!!! I will inspect with my fuzzy glasses and a spot of tinto tomorrow!!! xxx

  3. Yep, I agree. Curtain making is flippin boring!! And yes, the fabric you need is massive (is it really cheaper to make your own? I'm not sure ....), so massive that I always forget which is top and bottom and have to keep measuring and of course, no tape measure is long enough so you have to keep moving it and then the fabric slips and ...................., well, I guess you've been there, done it and got the t-shirt!!!

    I love your curtains though, so sling the rule book out of the window and just enjoy! You did better than me, I cut my fabric wrong, so had to buy more (even more expense!) and I didn't bother to line them as I'd lost the will to live by then.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and lots of choccy!! xxxxx


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