Thursday, 26 April 2012

Honey, I shrunk the handbag!

I knitted this handbag using Sirdar Eco-wool. Didn't bother with a pattern, just used a circular needle - 78 stitches, round and round until it was long enough, then cast off leaving 2 blocks of 9 stitches which became the handle. A little bit of wool left over so knitted a square to make into a pocket.

The plan was to put the finished item through a hot wash to shrink it into a felted bag.
And it came out rather smaller than I expected!
So now I have a cute, dinky bag, lined with cotton...
... just the right size for a lipgloss, some keys and a five pound note!
Definitely no space for raisins, colouring pens, cartons of juice, moshi monsters or wet wipes!


  1. Its lovely very dinky ideal fr night out.

  2. Think you ought to test it out on a night out ;). Looks lovely!

  3. The perfect girl bag!


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