Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eeek! Shazronnie's Shop!

Selling stuff you've made is a bit scary.
What if nobody wants to buy anything?
What if they buy it and think it's rubbish?
Well, I've thrown caution to the wind and opened a little shop on Misi.
It's here; if you want to look. 
It's rather low on stock (I'm working on that), but I have sold one bag already.
This little child's bag was my first sale, it's in the post and I hope the buyer likes it!


  1. Well on your way to avoiding that return to "work" when Poppy starts school ;)

    Good luck with it, I'm sure it will do really well.

  2. Yay :o). Off to have a nosey.

  3. Love the kiddies bag, not surprised it sold......just had a look at your shop, looking's to lots of future sales.

    florrie x

  4. Cool bag. You certainly grew the sewing bug very quickly!
    Hoping you get lots of time to make and lots of sales too.


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