Sunday, 9 January 2011

Upcycled Applique Bag

The house is a tip and the kids are half naked, but I don't care because I'm rather pleased with this.
It started life as 8 squares of denim cut from an old pair of jeans, a pillowcase and a pelmet. (Buying an odd pelmet with no price label from a charity shop was a bit of a Royston Vasey moment, I'm telling you!)
 I wanted to practice some applique, and ending up embellishing it with some old buttons and scraps of ribbon from my cardmaking box.

And I got to practise those tricky curved lines!


  1. Ok, now you are just showing off! Lovely bag, and I'm very jealous of how quickly you have picked up this new skill.

  2. What a gorgeous bag, and so beautifully put together.....lovely.

    florrie x


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