Friday, 28 January 2011

Home Sweet Home; part three - the Living Room

The room with the telly. Everyone's favourite room - except mine!! I would so love to get rid of the telly, but I fear the rest of my family would leave me.
This is where my husband sits, goggle eyed, usually with the laptop on at the same time...
The painting was bought on holiday in Corfu, from a street artist.
I usually sit at the end of the sofa - there's my little table under a pile of cooking magazines and knitting. I made the cushion covers from some remnant fabrics.
 I don't really like ornaments, but we bought these wooden dodos on honeymoon in Mauritius so they are quite special.
 There are also more family pictures; these are my two boys, when they were small and cute about five years ago!
The living room is also home to a plant. I am very bad with plants, but this one has managed to survive for about 6 months despite my chronic neglect.


  1. I do love having a nose into people's houses! I feel similar to you regarding the TV, most of the time I could live without it but occasionally something good is on... and my husband and oldest son love Formula 1 which starts up again in March... so no hope of ditching our TV just yet.

    Love the green walls, we have green in our living room, such a calming, easy to live with colour.

  2. Thanks for the peak into your home. A peace lilly would be fab for you, it droops when it needs watering and they always survive in our house so must be hardy :-)

  3. Hey, I love your colour co-ordination....the blog and the matching living room walls ;-)
    And how do you find time to keep the place so tidy with all your crafting?

  4. Becks - there is only ever one tidy room at a time!!

  5. Thanks for the little peek into your lovely home.

    I'm back blogging noe but because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

    But just click on florrie and it should take you there, hope you still visit.

    florrie x


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