Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Home Sweet Home; part two - the kitchen.

Come into my kitchen, where yummy things are made!
I spend loads of time in here (baking cakes, making dinner, swearing when things fall out of the cupboards onto my head) so I decided to paint it my favourite colour - pink!! I can't say my husband was overly keen, but he only really comes in to put the kettle on occasionally.
The very hardworking kettle lives in this corner.
Oh, how I dream of a perfectly co-ordinated kitchen where all the mugs match!
 Oh, look!
There's a lovely fresh-baked loaf.
I blogged about my love of baking bread before.

And last, but definitely not least, is the end bit where the washing machine and tumble dryer live. I love all that fifties housewife imagery but I love my modern labour saving appliances more.
One more thing to show you in the kitchen is the sweet shop.
It was made by my father-in-law; it has a real scales, paper bags and lots of yummy sweets.
The children often have a few as a treat after dinner. Sweets aren't banned in our house and the children are very sensible with their sweet shop stash.


  1. I love your sweet shop! What a lovely idea x

  2. I love the sweetie shop. Might just have to borrow that idea ;-)

  3. Fab kitchen and that sweet shop is adorable!

  4. Your kitchen is lovely, it looks about the same size as mine...........love to have the back door in the kitchen looking out onto the back garden.

    Thoses sweets in your little sweet shop wouldn't last long in my house, lol.

    florrie x

  5. I LOVE and adore the sweet shop. How COOL is that !!! I think I will have to steal your idea !!!


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