Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Home Sweet Home; part one - the hallway.

I'd like to invite you for a tour of my house; a series of posts which will hopefully encourage me to clean and tidy for you, my virtual guests!
We're going to start in the hallway where this cross-stitch hangs - not made by me, but a wedding present 12 happy years ago.

Come on then, what are you waiting for?
We have this lovely original tiled floor in our hallway. The house was built in 1935, so it's lasted well! It was one of the things we loved about the house from the first time we viewed it.
The pine box is where all the shoes live.
 Here's the hatstand corner, and we have two little pegs on the wall too. In theory this is to encourage small people to hang their own coat up.
Look, there's my zebra shopping trolley! Invaluable for picnics and shopping trips with a baby in a sling.
Our hallway has many doors; pretty common for halls in general. Open plan living is not for me, I am far too untidy.
There are lots of family photos in our hallway, and the decor is rather tatty and dated. It's on the To Do list, but under the heading Big Jobs.
 And of course the stairs come off the hall. Not every 1930's suburban house has a set of antlers in their hallway.
And right at the end, just before the kitchen we have The Calendar. If it's not on The Calendar I don't know about it and won't remember it. It also incorporates the bulldog clip of miscellaneous bits of paper. (House filing system.)

And there you are, hope you enjoyed your tour. I'd love to look around your house sometime!


  1. Wow those floor tiles are just stunning and I love that hatstand, it reminds me of Mary Poppins, I want one !

  2. Loved the tour, we live in a 1940's house too, very roomy with high're so lucky to have inherited such a gorgeous floor in your hall.

    florrie x

  3. What's the story behind the antlers? Lovely house - gorgeous tiles! Our house is 1930s but more of the council semi variety - no interesting features at all but quite child friendly!

  4. The antlers were a present from my husband's uncle, who used to do some deer hunting when he was younger. (I don't think he actually shot that poor deer himself though.) My husband loves them, I think they're only good for hanging baubles off at Christmas!

  5. Fabulous and very happy to see how well you're getting on with your sewing machine. I now make dh watch the tv with subtitles on so that I can sew and watch tv. Lol.

  6. The tiled floor is so beautiful - sorry the comment is not very original but it is so striking!
    C x

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