Monday, 31 January 2011

Knitted Pinafore Dress - Mama made Monday

 This is a stash-busting attempt!
I have a rather large amount of a bobbly yarn called Sirdar Fresco; I was lured in by the pretty pastel colours and soft fluffy bobbliness but it turned out to be a pig to knit with!
But not to be beaten I decided to try knitting it with a strand of plain blue yarn - just a cheapy acrylic dk.
I'm quite pleased with the look of the two together.

And this is the finished pinafore, looks rather triangular in this photo!! The two yarns make the finished knitted garment quite thick - I might try making a sweater using more of the blasted stuff.
Here is my little model; I was worried it wouldn't fit but it is actually rather roomy and will fit for ages!!


  1. Ahhhhhh, doesn't she look pleased with herself; it's lovely.
    florrie x

  2. I love it. Very, very cute. And good stashbusting.
    I have added a link to this post, hope you don't mind?


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