Monday, 17 January 2011

The 19p Tea Towel Challenge

 My bestest friend and I visited Ikea, and we both bought one of their 19p Tekla tea towels. We are both sewing machine novices so we thought we could practise by making a very utilitarian item into something lovely.
I edged mine with some other Ikea fabric, and appliqued three heart motifs to match.
And then I made a matching tea cosy!


  1. That's gorgeous......well done. Lovely fabric, and only 19p, we don't have an Ikea near us but I've heard that they have a good selection of reasonably priced fabrics.

    florrie x

  2. Oh so lovely.
    You're flying at this sewing lark!

  3. thats great, i have the exact same fabric here bought from ikea but i bought mine in a roll, and got some bargains in the ofcut section :), i made a knitting needle roll which was so needed with lots of little compartments. i especially love love love the bag you made :)

  4. I bought a pack of the heart fabric; it's only £6 for 3 metres which is a great price. I'm going to make Poppy a skirt from it - so she will co-ordinate with the tea towel!

  5. Love it! I may have to take up the challenge...

  6. That would be cool, if loads of people all customised a tea towel - I would feel that I had indirectly helped make lots of kitchens prettier places!


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